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14 oz porcelain mug with humming bird design #16

14 oz porcelain mug with humming bird design #16

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Height:  5 in.
Opening diameter:  3.25 in.

Holds approximately 14 oz (414 ml) of liquid. 

A hand-thrown and trimmed porcelain mug. Hand-painted, coated with a clear glaze, and fired in a kiln to 2232 F. Painting was enhanced with acrylic paint after firing and sealed with a food-safe sealer.

This mug is on sale because of the slight warp around the rim during firing. 

This mug is microwave, top dishwasher safe, and food safe. However, hand washing is the best option to ensure the longevity of the vessel. Do not scrub the painting part.

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All of my work is handmade - so there may be small imperfections and variations, which adds unique character.  The glaze is applied either by hand or hand dipped in a bucket so small spots, drips, or crackles etc may be present, please enjoy the handmade quality! Some color variations may appear because some magic always happens in the kiln!


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