Welcome to my online store - I'm Tong, the creator behind Timeless Creation Ceramics!

Working with clay, especially porcelain, has been a humbling experience for me.

It has taught me patience, balance, creative problem-solving, and even more patience!

I have discovered that I can paint, carve, and express myself through the medium of porcelain in a unique way that fulfills me and brings others joy.

Working with porcelain was not my initial intention, but it has become my primary medium because it is more durable and stronger than ceramics, and the challenges it presents during the creation process force me to constantly get out of my comfort zone so I can grow as a maker.

My inspiration comes from various sources such as nature, artwork, and the desire to create elegant, delicate, one-of-a-kind pottery for functional use.

My primary focus is to create forms that are both pleasing and functional, while also adding decorative touches to express the joy and inspiration I experience in my daily life.

I hope you find something here that brings you joy!