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Lavender crystal mini porcelain vase set, handmade vase

Lavender crystal mini porcelain vase set, handmade vase

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Handmade mini porcelain vase set of 3 with beautiful lavender crystals blooming across the entire surfaces.  Can be used as a bud vase set or displayed on its own.


Tall mini vase: Height: 5 3/4 in, Width:3 in, (this vase displays a couple of glaze imperfections on its neck and is reflected by reduced listing price) 
Medium mini vase: Height: 3 7/8 in, Width:2 3/4 in, 
Short mini vase: Height: 3 in, Width: 3.5 in.

A wheel-thrown and trimmed mini porcelain vase set of three. Coated with a crystalline  glaze, and fired in a kiln to 2200 F. 

Care info:

Wipe clean. 


This item is available on both Etsy and Shopify. If it is out of stock when you place an order, you'll receive a full refund. You can also confirm its availability by messaging me here before placing your order.

Please note that each item is handmade, so there may be small imperfections and variations, which add unique character. The glaze is applied either by hand or dipped in a bucket, resulting in small spots, drips, crackles, etc. Some color variations may also appear due to the firing process. These variations showcase the handmade quality of the creation.

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