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Textured porcelain vase in turquoise white, handmade vase

Textured porcelain vase in turquoise white, handmade vase

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Introducing a beautiful porcelain vase that will add a touch of elegance to your home decor. This vase features a unique turquoise celadon color that accentuates the body's texture, while its smooth pure white shoulder neck creates interest as a flower vase.

Approximate dimensions:

Height: 7 In.

Diameter: 4 1/2 in.

Opening Diameter: 2 1/8 In.

This vase is made of high-grade porcelain, handcrafted for exceptional quality.

The body texture is added using a wheel-thrown and trimmed porcelain vase. The vase is then coated with a semi-clear turquoise glaze, fired to 2200 F, and finished with a clear glaze on the inside.

Order now and add a unique piece of art to your home decor. This vase will elevate your space and impress your guests for years to come.

This item is available for both online and in-person sales. If it's sold out on Shopify when you order it, you will receive a full refund. You can confirm its availability by messaging me before completing your order.

Please note that each item is handmade, so there may be small imperfections and variations that add unique character. The glaze is applied either by hand or dipped in a bucket, resulting in small spots, drips, crackles, etc. Some color variations may also appear due to the firing process. These variations showcase the high-quality, handmade nature of this creation.

Items can be shipped or picked up locally. For Bellingham local pickup, please email us at Prepaid shipping will be fully refunded for local pickup.


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